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Statement by the board of the AEJ

Statement by the board of the "Association of European Journalists" (AEJ)


The board members of the AEJ met in Bratislava on July 8th-9th on the occasion of the start of Slovakias presidency of the European Union. The board expressed deep concern that the outcome of the referendum on UK-membership of the EU could lead to damaging divisions and harm mutual tolerance and understanding among the countries of Europe.

Board members underlined the enduring principles of our association, to deepen understanding of European affairs, and to ensure that public opinion can be well informed about the actions of all European institutions and issues of fundamental concern to people in all parts of Europe.

The AEJ remains committed to the goal of cooperation among the states of Europe in the face of the severe challenges we now face. We also believe in the vital importance of the independence and integrity of the media at times when rational argument risks falling victim to simplistic solutions and intemperate or misleading language in public discourse.

Otmar Lahodynsky, Tibor Macak, Luigi Cobisi, Saia Tsaousidou, Javier Arribas, William Horsley, Lieven Taillie