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AEJ: The Danger Of populism

Press Release of the Association of European Journalists{GREEK SECTION}

AEJ: The Danger Of populism

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome the Greek section of the Association of European Journalists expresses its deep concern for the rise of populism and transformation of truth which are growing more and more in Europe and elsewhere.

Even though the actors of populism and demagogy do not bring anything new in their attempt to undermine democracy, in the modern digital era, the Internet constitutes a valuable tool of their tactics.

They also take advantage from the journalisms conversion in to a TV show. Thus, in the name of the react against imaginary enemies such as the elites, subsequently what is at stake is the democracy itself as a political system.

At the same time, the efforts for the Europes destruction are strained according to principles and prejudices that in the past caused only fights and wars.

The Greek section of AEJ is also worried about the attacks and threats against journalists and media that took place the last period in Greece, especially by the government and representatives of special interests and corruption.

The Association also criticizes the fact that journalists participate in blackmailing incidents, disparage the profession and the prestige of journalism.

In this framework, AEJ will strengthen its efforts and initiatives for the multifaceted publics information regarding the European affairs and it will continue defending freedom of the press. A necessary prerequisite for more democracy and free thinking.